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A super sweet London chick nominated me for a Liebster Award! Miss Becky Shea, you are the man (woman)! I’ve checked her blog out and she is springsummersam approved, so definitely check her out and follow her! You will love her too! &hearts

Here are the Liebster Award -Rules-

You must link back to the person who nominated you; You must answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominee before you. You must pick 11 nominees with under 200 (or 2000 if you want to do that) followers to answer your 11 questions; You cannot nominate the person who nominated you; You must let the people you nominate know they have been nominated.

I am going to answer Miss Becky’s questions, and nominate 11 other blogs. They will be listed below. Let’s get started!

1. What are three of your ‘Holy Grail’ products?

Hmm, this is a hard one. I do love the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and Urban Decay De-Slick spray, and the combination keeps me from getting shiny throughout the day. I also cannot do without the ORS Hair Mayonnaise, because it makes my hair so soft and awesome.

2. What’s the best skincare product you’ve come across?

The Aveeno Daily Moisturizer is amazing. It has SPF and makes the skin so soft and hydrated. It is a little pricy, but worth it.

3. What is your favourite ‘pick-me-up’ drink?

Water! Whenever I need some energy, or just when I’m bored, I drink water. It’s the only thing I drink to be honest 🙂

4. Favourite naughty snack?

Cake and ice cream. Yum yum yum.

5. How often do you use face masks?

I don’t use face masks. I really should, though. I really want to up my skincare game, anyone have any product suggestions?

6. What’s your top make-up application tip?

When applying foundation, start in the middle of the face and blend outward.

7. What’s your favourite trend this season?


I love these skirts! I am not sure if I could pull it off, though. I know most gals get them at Zara.


8. Best 5 products under £5?

Five pounds is about $8, so I’m going to go with that. Five great products that I use almost daily that cost less than $8 are the Maybelline Volume Express Rocket mascara, Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder, Wet ‘n Wild eyeliners, Olay Foaming Face Wash, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish.

9. Are you a heels or flats girl?


10. What’s top on your ‘wish list’ currently?

I REALLY want to try the Marc Jacobs Beauty Remedy Concealer. Anybody want to buy it for me? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

11. Favourite chill out activity?

Cuddling on my couch and watching movies on Netflix.


That was fun, thanks Miss Becky!

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Here are 11 questions for you:

1. What is your favorite mascara?

2. Who are your favorite beauty gurus on Youtube?

3. What is your favorite movie to stream on Netflix?

4. Do you apply concealer before or after your foundation?

5. Lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss?

6. Heels or flats?

7. What is your favorite high-end hair product?

8. Where do you buy your best clothes?

9. Why did you start a blog?

10. Chocolate bar or fruit snack?

11. What is the best smelling soap or body wash?


I have a shopping problem…part 1. Is there rehab for this? I’ll look for it at the corner of Forever 21 and Target.


Stay Matte

Rimmell Stay Matte

Impression: I really, really like this product. I got the translucent powder. This in combination with Urban Decay’s De-Slick Spray really keeps my face from getting shiny. The powder claims that it will keep your face matte for up to five hours, but this really lasts me all day!

Brush CloseUp

Elf Powder Brush

I bought this just so I had an extra brush that I could use for blending blush and other things. It is good so far, however I did not know that the top would be flat and broad. Still, it works and gets the job done and you can’t beat a $3 brush. Not with a stick, at least. Maybe a hammer.


Maybelline Rocket Volume

Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara

Impression: Okay, I’ve learned to like-like this mascara. I don’t love it, but that is probably because I have been spoiling my lashes with Benefit’s They’re Real and Urban Decay’s Big Fatty for the past six + months. Those mascaras are awesome, but this is good for a drugstore mascara. I hear that the waterproof formula is better, but I just cannot do waterproof eye makeup. It is impossible to wipe off! That can’t just be me…right?

Side note: I just love how pretty mascara wands are before they are dipped in the fluid and turn black. I think pink is my favorite color. This wand is pink and so pretty that I had to document it. Look at it.

Mascara Wand

Mascara Wand CloseUp

Look at it!

John Frieda 3 Day

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight

Impression: I need to stop looking for miracle products, because they don’t exist (okay, not 100% true).  I have always had bad luck with taming my big hair. Well, to be honest I don’t always go for bone straight hair because I don’t think it looks good on me, but I was in the mood last week for straight, straight hair so I did some Googling and settled on this. I already like John Frieda products and I do think that his products compliment black hair, and I thought that this would be a miracle in a bottle and I was wrong. My bad.

The first thing that turned me off to this is that the instructions say you have to apply this to you washed, damp hair and dry with a blow dryer. My hair practically stood on end when I read that in the instructions because my hair and blow driers do not mix well. Blow dryers make my hair so dry and frizzy, so I always air dry my hair overnight before flat ironing. Yes, it makes the styling process two days long instead of two hours (HAHAHA, sorry for the joke. I really mean four hours) but my hair feels so much healthier and it’s nice having hair that doesn’t feel like sandpaper, you know?

But I followed the instructions anyway and then used a flat iron and it went…okay. My hair didn’t turn out Beyonce-straight, but it did look super shiny and had lots of movement, which is good. But it’s not super straight, which I was expecting. And maybe this product works too well, because when I curled my hair the next day my curls just up and fell out without hours, which never happens. When I curl my hair usually the curl will hold until the end of my work day, but nope. My hair wasn’t having it. On a scale of one to Beyonce, I give this a “meh minus”.

That being said, I doubt that I will even finish this entire bottle, which sucks because it costs about $10 and I hate not using products that I buy. But I already have half a bottle of Tresemme’s Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, which is da bomb.edu (I just made that up and it is now a thing)

Ulta comb

Ion High Volume Detangler Comb

Impression: I’m not much of an impulse buyer, but I bought this comb because it was $2.59 and I decided that I should do my hair justice and use a real detangler comb instead of that crappy black plastic thing that I have been torturing my hair with for the past two years.

I have used this, and I like it a lot. I don’t think it detangles my hair any better than that black crappy piece of plastic that I’ve been using for years, but I did notice that less of my hair came out when I combed it. I like keeping my hair on my head, so that’s a plus. I just so happened to ignore the volumizing claim on the packaging, because I avoid volumizing products like locust, but I did not notice a difference in volume after I washed and straightened my hair when it was all said and done. It also says that it will smooth down the hair cuticle, which may explain the cool, pretty, shiny, and pretty, silver tips on the top (this may or may not have been the real reason I bought this, but I’ll never let you know)

Comb Close Up

Oooooohhhhh *Toy Story Alien Voice*

Also, this comb also claims to prevent static, because that matters? Can someone please explain to me why that matters?


Jack Black

Jack Black Lip Balm

Impression: Sooooooo I found this in the men’s section….and it is amazing.

A few weeks ago in Ulta, a nice lady at the cashier gave me a free sample of the Jack Black Eye Rescue cream, which changed my life…which changed my eyes’ lives. I never had under eye circles or fine lines until I started my job, but they have become so noticeable that I have been wanting to use an eye cream but didn’t know where to start looking. I don’t know if the woman at Ulta noticed my eye baggies or not, but she specifically gave this to me and not the three women who were checking out in front of me. I’m not offended, because that eye rescue cream is wonderful, which is why I made a special trip to Sephora to buy the full size bottle. However, I was not in the financial standing to drop $40 on eye cream after my trip to Forever 21 that same day, but I noticed the $8 lip balm and wanted to try it out. It may be marketed toward men, but eyes are eyes and lips are lips and hygiene products are totally unisex no matter what marketing companies try to tell you.

Keep in mind, at that moment I had in my hand Marc Jacob’s $24 Lip Lock Moisture Balm that I as fully expecting to walk  out with (after paying for it, of course). But I decided to give the Jack Black lip balm a try because it was one-fifth the price of the Marc Jacobs lip balm and because the grapefruit-scented balm smells ahhhhmazing. Amazing.

This is probably the best lip product I’ve used in my entire life. Anyone who knows me know that I am a recovering Chapstick addict who used Chapstick religiously 10 + times a day for about eight years. It’s completely true that Chapstick is addicting, and that your lips get so used to da Chap that they actually end up chronically drier than before you started using Chapstick. I swear they formulated it to be that way on purpose, and my lips are proof.

To kick myself out of my Chap habit, I went to Chap rehab and tried the EOS lip balms for a couple of months because they are natural-er and I hope(d) that I can one day transition back to the point in my life when my lips didn’t rely on moisturizing products. Despite all the hub-bub, I was not a huge fan of the EOS products. I found that I still had to use them every hour or so to maintain the initial moisture, which is not what I wanted. I then tried Blistex, which got me the closest to kicking my habit. I only had to use Blistex maybe five times a day instead of my normal ten. Then, I bought into another hyped product, the Nivea Lip Butter, which is okay, but not as good as Blistix or EOS.

And then I found this baby. My baby. I only have to apply my baby to my lips twice a day and that is it! I apply it just once in the morning and my lips stay moisturized for the entire day through drinks, meals, and the elements. I am so, so satisfied with this lip balm, I am already ready to give it Holy Grail status. I don’t normally boss people around and tell them what to do, but if you have chapped lips you need to buy this and but it NOW.


Blue shirt

I love this cute baby blue crop-ish top. I’ve really been wanting a shirt that is kind of short that stops at around my belly button because I have never had one before. I love the color. I am actually not at all into lace, but I couldn’t keep my hands off this. The pattern actually reminds me of seashells. I can’t wait to wear this during the summer with a pair of high waisted shorts or jeans.

Shirt Close Up

Lace Skirt

I also bought this dark blue lace skirt, which looks kind of black. I don’t have many skirts, but I want to change that. This actually looks nice with the blue lace top. It needs to be summer already. Is it summer yet? The pattern on here is really detailed and reminds me of roses.

Skirt Close Up


And I bought booties! I love these! I had no idea Forever 21 made cute shoes, but these are the second pair of shoes I’ve bought from there that I love and have been complimented on. I was seriously eying these in the store like a lioness on a deer in the safari. I had to try these on and although I wasn’t 100% sold on them when I bought them, I have no regrets.

Shoes 2

The heels are small and sassy, which describes me perfectly, actually. These are easy to walk in and weren’t hard to break in. I wore this for the first time with my coral-colored dress and I really liked the mixture of a feminine dress with dark brown booties. I’m obsessed with these shoes, and they may be my new go-t0.


Nude Delight

Rimmel Moisutre Renew Lipstick, Nude Delight

Impression: So I saved the best for last…not.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that I am not one for impulse buys? Well, that’s because this happens. I totally bought this lipstick only after seeing Sammy (aka beauty crush) on YouTube wear this in one of her videos and it looked fabulous on her. However, I forgot to take into account the fact that Sammy is a beautiful mannequin-human, basically, and everything looks good on her. This looked really, really good on her. Me, not so much. I rushed out and bought this the day after I saw her video, which was a mistakkkkkke. I don’t like nude lipstick, and this did not change my opinion on that.

Nude Delight

I’ll just keep the cap on.