Grand Canyon South Rim photos

A few weekends ago I took a three-day trip to the Grand Canyon. It was without a doubt one of the most jaw-dropping, humbling, awe-inspiring places I’ve visited. I know this may sound cliche, but the Grand Canyon is so unexpectedly…huge! And deep, and old, and forever. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that something like this exists, so physically close to civilization but so separated from us by years. 

We started out our trip in Phoenix and drove through Sedona and Flagstaff on the way to the Grand Canyon. It was my first time in Arizona, and the long drive was so scenic, calming, and green. Arizona is a beautiful state. And Sedona, with its tall red rocks and tufts of green shrubs, is probably one of my favorite places ever.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Three days wasn’t close to enough time to see the Grand Canyon and take it all in. I look forward to visiting again sometime in the future!


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Painted Rug DIY

Today you learned you can paint a rug. 

For the record, even if I was told that I cannot paint a rug I probably would have embarked on this project anyway, simply because the grey rug I had plopped in the middle of my room for six months looked so boring it made my eyes hurt.

Painting a rug is a cost-efficient, labor-intensive, but ultimately rewarding DIY project for anyone who has a plain rug that they want to jazz up. And trust me, nice rugs are expensive. Why not buy a cheaper rug and paint it to look exactly how you want?

Paint A Rug DIY

I started with a 9×6 rug that I bought at Big Lots for I believe around $30. Then I bought a quart of Behr matte white latex paint for about $12, and some cheap paint brushes and palette for about $3 more. So in all this project cost me about $45, way less than what you would expect to pay for a rug at West Elm.

I used this stencil that I printed on 11×17 paper. 

So here’s how to paint your own rug:

Start out by cutting out your stencil and lining it up on the top corner of the rug. Trace the outline of the stencil with a permanent marker. Repeat this process all over the rug. This took me about 6 hours total. 

Paint Rug Tutorial

Next, paint your rug. I used a small, flat round brush and filled in the stencil with stippling motions. I found that trying to brush the rug didn’t work. This process isn’t fast, but try to be patient and thorough. You can go back with a second coat if the first isn’t as opaque as you’d like.

Painted Rug DIY

Pinterest Paint Rug DIY

Whew! Eight hours of painting later, and my rug is completed! I plan to go back in and do another coat soon to make the paint darker. But overall, I’m happy with how this turned out. It was a fun DIY project and my most intense to date. I look forward to more DIY-ing in the future.

Hope you found this painted rug tutorial helpful! Go ahead and share with someone who might be interested in doing this.