NYX Stone Fox Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

NYX Stone Fox Swatch Brown Skin

Morphe Eyeshadow Tutorial

NYX Stone Fox Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick is one of my favorite lip products ever, but I hardly ever wear it because of the unconventional color. I’ve had it for months and have only worn it out in public twice. To my surprise, both times people complimented me on the color and asked me what it was. I really should muster up the courage to wear it more often!

I paired NYX’s Stone Fox with a metallic blue-grey eyeshadow look, which is a combination of the shimmery blue eyeshadow in the Morphe 12S South of Summer Palette and Gunmetal from Urban Decay’s original Naked Palette. To make the look slightly softer and more wearable, I blended out the edges with a brown transitional shade and skipped eyeliner to make this eye look less dramatic. I dabbed extra Gunmetal in the inner corners to make the eyes pop and smoked a bit of black eyeshadow in the outer corner, too.

I personally love the way this eyeshadow turned out and can’t wait to do something similar again! Maybe with a peach eyeshadow next time?

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